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26 Art Street

26 Art Street est une galerie virtuelle géante de l’expression de l’Art sous toutes ses formes – Auteurs, Ecrivains, Peintres, Photographes, Sculpteurs, Galeries d’art,Designers,etc. Chacun trouvera son espace pour assurer la promotion de son Oeuvre, de ses créations

Earlier founded by 2 crazy fans of Art Eric Zerbib & Philippe Maille 26 Art Street has been humbly build to enlight genuine artists and to give ‘em an other chance to be recognized at the right value they deserve …..

Love it, hate it …. but please do not remain without any kind of feelings ……

Playing with Fire - Darryl FROST - Sculptor

So Mental Coach - Valérie Sabbag

Diplômée d’ICI Coach Paris, j’exerce le métier de Coach mental depuis quelques années. Plus qu’un métier c’est une véritable passion que celle d’aider chacun à vivre ce qu’il est.

Booster les gens tel est mon métier.
Donner envie d’exister tel que l’on est  ma vocation pour vous servir.

Favoriser de nouvelles stratégies pour atteindre vos objectifs je vous guide.
Développer votre potentiel  en reconnaissant votre valeur est ma mission.
Permettre de vous révéler à vos talents, définir vos besoins, honorer vos valeurs, vivre en zéro parasitage selon vos critères de qualités tout cela est possible avec votre coach.
Coaching de séduction, hommes femmes je suis là pour vous aider.

Prise de parole en public manager étudiants je fais parti de votre stratégie pour développer votre confiance  grâce à une meilleure gestion du stress et la gestion de vos émotions.
Définir vos projets d’études selon vos capacités et vos goûts, vous les Adolescents, je suis à votre écoute et je vous accompagnerai en vous stimulant et en vous encourageant jusqu’à votre succès.

Estime de soi , conseil en image, problème de timidité, divorce à gérer, confiance en soi à retrouver ou à découvrir, hommes femmes votre coach est votre partenaire de réussite.

« Deviens qui tu es. » a dit André Gide .
Saint Exupéry lui répondit qu’il ne faut pas rêver sa vie mais vivre ses rêves.

Je coache en individuel d’un point de vue professionnel ou personnel ; par groupe selon une thématique.

Formatrice en ressources humaines, en méthodologie et pédagogie des adolescents, preparateur mental, coaching et preparation de sportifs , je coache en entreprise

So Mental Coach:

So Mental Coach – Le Blog


Futures Entertainment Ltd

Company Overview: 
Futures Entertainment is a new global entertainment company working with several partners to Market Recording artists in the 21st Century and produce media and entertainment in many formats. Producer of Live Webcast & Strumming around the world Documentary currently in post production.

We promote various independent artist and indie art and music lovers..


Our mission is to offer advice & support our artists in their projects. To use both conventional ways of marketing media (bricks & mortar) and stay up with the play on new ways of marketing and financing artist projects such as social media & fan fundraising or Crowd Funding.  We have formed partnerships with producers of various compilation discs to radio around the world as well as publicist and radio plugger on the ground. We work to match up services we are connected with to artists who are releasing to independent radio & TV. We put out a regular newsletter about what Futures Artists are doing Sending to our database now in excess of 5,000 media, industry and music fan contacts, as well as a combined social media database of around 40,000

We also run a store. Their is a small charge to come on to our site and we are NOT a label, our arrangement with our artists is totally non exclusive. Though in saying that we have distribution to Physical CD retail of our artists in Australia and New Zealand. Plus various arrangement to help artist get on Itunes and amazon etc.  So we do help artists with facets of promotion a record company would give.

However we do not hold ownership over our artist and they are free to sell in other ways or sign that big deal if comes along for them.


Aly Cook – Music Marketing & PR

Philippe E Maille PHD Marketing & Social Media Strategist

Aly COOK Marketing

Promotions Social Media Strategy, implementation and training.

For three years Aly Cook Promotions has worked in partnership with Philippe Maille PHD Marketing & team at PHMC GPE in France to develop a number of websites.

Coming from a background in the Entertainment industry working for promoters on major tours. Aly embraced social media as a way to market music and soon found she was helping others and developing strategies to use online to push businesses forward.
We can offer a one stop shop building your facebook page and training you in both social media marketing and using facebook advertising effectively.
Phmcgpe takes care of all the website developments whether it be a full website build or simply implementing social media integration in your existing site.



Companies today face communications challenges of a scale never seen before. Information flows worldwide and is interpreted instantly. The way a company tells its story and communicates in times of crisis, can affect every aspect of its business.
In this environment, we believe that our clients’ senior & executive management and communications specialists need and deserve
a new standard of corporate communications & marketing Company.  We have set out to create such a firm.

OUR APPROCH : Our clients face critical communications issues that challenge them at the highest level; they need senior communications advisors that can help them solve problems and deliver considered, strategic advice.

We have brought together a team of experienced and high level advisors in each market. The have all a huge involvement level and are rooted in the company culture; that is reflecting a difference in the way we work.

The issues our clients face range around the clock and across worldwide markets. Our people operate as one team worldwide and they are international, natively, by instinct and/or experience. Because we have only one global profit center our clients belong to the firm as a whole; not to only one representative office or way of practice. That means we can assemble one team to meet a client’s needs & expectation with whatever skills and resources are required, wherever they are located.

OUR CLIENTS :Our clients often require work that is complex, ranging across a number of cultural differences and audiences and demanding dedicated teams combining a range of specialist skills.

We are well known for our work with international clients, often when they are engaged in critical transactions or the management of major issues.

However, most of our clients are small or unlisted companies.  These require the same level of expertise and dedication, whether for long-term retained work or short-term special projects.

In recent years, virtually every company has improved its commitment to, and capabilities in, all aspects of corporate communications.  Our aim is to support and extend our clients ability to act in these fields by providing specialist expertise or resources to achieve their goals.

We have built PHMC GPE LLC to deliver what the client wants and to meet and exceed their needs –
How, When and Where they want it.